Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Can the Ranawiru label cover up blatant crimes?

From Ceylon Today - By NIMAL LEWKE

There is a big hue and cry about the arrest of military personnel (Ranaviruwas) for the Ekneligoda abduction case, Ravi Raj murder case, etc.
One wonders why these officers got involved in these crimes.

As a onetime leader of an elite paramilitary organization, I am quite aware that juniors do not have the ability to get involved in any organized crimes, without the support from above, unless it is a real personal matter.

The crimes these men are arrested for are very well organized events conducted by more than one individual.

When you analyze these crimes, it is important to identify the cause and the intention to commit an act of this nature.

Executing a plan of this magnitude needs careful planning, team work and courage. How did these officers get the courage to carry out a brutal crime of this nature during daylight and get back to their barracks or to the safe house with confidence that they will not be apprehended for what they have committed? Who gave that confidence to these men?

The most important aspect is their connection to the crime or the dispute, or the disagreement or animosity, these men had against the victim.

It is one of the most important aspects that the investigators really have to identify and that will lead to the correct perpetrators who were behind the crime. If anyone has got these military personnel to commit these crimes as per their own agenda they should be ashamed of themselves and definitely retribution will come to them within no time, like what happened to the brutal terrorist leaders.

Sometimes, there won't be direct evidence in an investigation to link the key suspect behind the crime, but history has proved that with circumstantial evidence investigators will be able to prove the case e.g. the Matthew Peiris case, Royal Park murder case.
There are certain politicians who are making a huge noise about the arrest of Ranawiruwas. One should understand that with the Ranawiru label you cannot override the laws of the land and I as a person who has been in the warfront am very well aware that we all valued human life more than anything else.

We were given training emphasizing on, discipline of a very high order, purely to protect human lives and our sole ambition was to safeguard the people of this country, for that we were prepared to go to any extent even risking our own lives.
So, how come, these officers who have been arrested, got involved in a crime, they are even unable to give a proper explanation for, as far as the intention is concerned? Did the investigators establish the motive for them to commit these crimes?

Did anyone above them give the order to carry out these cruel crimes and are they at present hiding behind the Ranawiru label and sacrificing juniors, their careers, families, lives, whom are they trying to hoodwink?

If somebody has given the orders to commit these crimes, they are the people who should come forward and face the consequences rather than their subordinates.

It is no use instigating certain political elements to demonstrate and shout slogans defending the Ranawiru label and trying to protect the real culprits. It is obvious that all the so called protests are planned with ulterior motives to defend the real offenders, but surely not in the interest of the arrested personnel; that the personnel in custody should realize.

Their (protesters') behaviour can be identified as an act to hide the truth and this amounts to aiding and abetting to cover up a crime, which is an offence under the Penal Code.

I am fully confident and very firmly believe that the detectives who are carrying out these investigations are professionals unlike the political stooges, who tarnished the name of the Police in the recent past and dragged their political masters to the political grave.

Most of the Investigators (CID) are former STF personnel, who were highly trained, disciplined and committed men who will not tolerate any undue political influence as they have learnt their responsibilities through sheer hardship and they will never give in to irregular instructions or orders. Therefore, I am confident, the truth will come to light very soon.

I strongly believe all these protests and demonstrations should be against the people who got these dedicated military men entangled in this very unfortunate situation and should be exposed, as they are the people who have really betrayed the real "Ranawiruwas" and taken them for a bloody good ride.

All the genuine and committed civil organizations should get together and come forward at this juncture and put pressure on the people who have misled the Ranawiruwas to commit blatant crimes for their benefit and led these unsuspecting military men to their destruction.

(Writer was a Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police,
Commandant / Special Task Force)

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