Monday, March 14, 2016

CEB Engineers rule out sabotage

Engineers of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), while apologising the public for the worst ever power failure completely ruled out any act of sabotage involved.

The Ceylon Electricity Board Engineers Union said though their members did all what was possible under trying circumstances to restore power, due to certain technical failures the restoration process was more difficult than during a normal day.
"We as a responsible union are more concerned than any other about the occurrence of three total power failures within a span of six months and wishes to assure the public that we would do all what is possible to implement a long lasting solution.

We reiterate that the failure started with the technical fault occurred in one of the 30-year-old main transformer in Biyagama 220kV Grid Substation, which resulted simultaneous tripping of few important Transmission lines connected to the Biyagama Grid Substation.

Unfortunately, this time also (similar to 25 Febuary), the 3 generators of Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant could not iron-out the fluctuations of the power system started with tripping of few transmission lines, causing a countrywide outage.

Any doubts about a sabotage will be cleared with the detailed study which is being carried out by two independent committees appointed. We will extend our fullest corporation to any independent investigation on this." 

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