Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Difference of Feb 24th outage & Latest outage

Public are asking how the overnight outage of Feb 24th was solved by load balancing by end of day of 25th February & why latest outage has taken far more than that. A little bird tells me that a certain Mr Bean has sent out instructions not to use you private Thermal Power for load balancing but by hook or by crook to use Norrichchalai power only.

Last time round it took more than three days to fire up the Kalpitiya yellow skinned triplets, but thermal power kept the Island going despite the triplets slumber. Apparently it cost 10 Billion Rupees on thermal power for the few days! As the demi god at the treasury was screaming some unprintable obscenities at the boys from CEB, this time around Mr Bean has put his foot down & said ''No way Hosae you manage with your own triplets & let Citizen Perera bear cost but not the treasury!'' Of course as usual Gamarala was not kept informed about this.  

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