Sunday, March 13, 2016

Is CEB Mafia at work again - or should I say Moratuwa Mafia or something else?

By Lutronman

We have lost power due to unprecedented power outages thrice in the recent past. Any person with one iota of brain can see this is deliberate or sabotage.  It is the Citizen Perera who suffers not the Sirisena Esquire or Wickramasinghe Esquire who suffers. Tomorrow morning we will read & hear some committee will be appointed to investigate the latest fiasco & we will hear no more of it. Why are we having the CEB  as a national entity? It should be privatised wholesale & there is no two two words about it. It is being run by a bunch of qualified Mafiasos! Any committee investigating will have their (CEB heirarchy) peers in it. They will totally exonerate the CEB management & will give the report as a unprecedented technical malfunction making it look like act of God for all we care. 

CEB is a organisation that has minor employees (non technical) who has got take home pays well in excess of one hundred thousand rupees! YES you read right they take home one lakh of Rupees a month.You can just imagine what others take home & the fringe benefits they enjoy! I have no qualms about somebody getting a thumping salary but I have a issue when it comes out of Citizen Perera's  pocket.

Successive governments over the years has given scant regard for future planning of the Power Generation in the country. Give due credit where it is due Ex President Rajapaksa did something about it albeit in a very dubious manner by starting the Norichcholai Coal Power plant. We became self sufficient to a extent because of  what he did. But it has become a bugbear because although it is connected to National Grid it has the ability to shut itself off during a power outage. For non technical it is like this - If you are running a 100 Meters race suddenly half way into race you have Achilles tendon problem & you collapse. That is what happens in the central control room of CEB, all sources who are supplying energy to the grid is distributed in a orderly manner to all sectors of Sri Lanka but if one artery of supply chain collapses normally others will take over - this is what is call automatic load balancing. But for some reason it can go wrong once in a blue moon! But at CEB IT HAS BECOME A REGULAR OCCURRENCE. This happens because of nothing else but bad practices or deliberate SABOTAGE. 

I have to ask why CEB IS Disproportanaitely loaded with Electrical Engineers & not enough Mechanical Engineers. I have been allegedly told that Moratuwa CEB MAFIASOS (read between the lines) control this scenario! Running of a Power Generating company allegedly involves more Mechanical Engineers than Electrical Engineers I have been told reliably.

I see that the minster in charge of this Nincompoop organisation has issued a statement that this problem did not occur under a normal situation & that they are conducting investigations. Like they say in face book LOL! I don't think he has got a clue about the Institution under him. Might I say former Minister under MR Mrs Pavithra Wanniarachchi would have had a better idea! In addition the Chairman of the organisation has thrown the towel & said he is vacating his position. Yes sunshine vacate your position after giving a rational explanation why your organisation failed miserably.

Implications of this power Outage may have catastrophic consequences to Water Supply which is a basic ingredient of people like Citizen Perera. Just imagine the Hospitals, Railways, traffic situations in & around Colombo including other major cities in SL etc. Also did you realise what happened to the Mobile communication system?

They say a sucker is born every minute but we have to be mother of all of them to believe when you phone 1987! They have not got a clue about the problem. 

Last but not least this Moratuwa Mafia is a very big problem in other organisations as well. I am so livid at what went on with this power outage I think I  held back a lot of information I received due to not being able to corroborate the information.

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