Monday, March 14, 2016

Rolling power outages for the next three days.

Entire country excluding Colombo will have a four hour power cut during daytime until Norichcholai DIY (it is now commonly referred as Do It Yourself!) Coal Plant is repaired by the so called engineers. I did not know that the President & The Prime Minister were so gullible to all this mumbo jumbo from those clever boys at CEB. Worst is the Moratuwa boys are using the Facebook to justify this entire debacle by using present students as scapegoats by asking them to make postings that this is a normal regular occurrence don't worry it will be alright within a few days.  They even have gone to the extent of saying Sri Lanka is a poor country & that we cannot afford to have battery bank to supplement power outages. The minister should take full responsibility to this debacle & resign forthwith. The President & PM should appoint a person with competence to handle the ministry.

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