Monday, March 14, 2016

Secretary accused of SL Customs manipulation

From SL Mirror
A personal staff member of the finance minister stands accused of transferring to the ‘green channel’ the containers carrying high-risk items at the customs.

When contacted, several Customs trade unions told Sri Lanka Mirror that they were investigating the matter, and would issue a media statement upon verification.

The statement would also include details about various factions operating within the customs, said the TUs.

‘Divaina’ reports the person in question, a female secretary by the name Nauki Vichakshana, transfers around 25 containers a day to the ‘green channel.’

However, most of these containers are high-risk and should pass through the ‘red channel.’

Vichakshana influences customs officials, saying the businessmen who import those items should be given assistance as they support ‘the party.’

This denies the state a considerable income.

Items passing through the ‘green channel’ undergo minimum checks and are imposed with low taxes.

This facility is available for importers with an unblemished record for eight to 10 years.

The woman’s father too, is said to be an importer.

When contacted by SLM, Vichakshana said no one could change channels as alleged, and that neither the minister nor anyone else had ordered to do so.

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