Friday, March 18, 2016

Transmission license violated thrice'

From The Daily News - Rukshana Rizwie

The Public Utilities Commission in a strongly worded statement have written to General Manager M.C. Wickramasekera at the Ceylon Electricity Board that the transmission license had been violated on three occasions during the last six months and that the CEB should report back to the Commission by the 24th of this month with long term measures to avoid such future power failures.
The letter signed by PUCSL Chairman Saliya Mathews, cites that 'a single element failure in the power system could not result in an Islandwide power failure and that the transmission line is responsible for maintaining the system fulfilling its criteria.'
"It is the responsibility of the Transmission License (CEB) under Condition 30 of the Transmission License to maintain an uninterrupted power supply throughout the country, which has been violated on three occasions during the last six months by way of such islandwide power failures,' the statement read. 'Therefore, you are required to inform the Commission on actions the transmission license had taken in order to prevent a repetition of an islandwide power failure after September 2015.'
The Public Utilities Commission just completed a comprehensive study with the assistance of the Manitoba HVDC research centre on the power failure which plagued the country on September 27, 2015. The PUCSL has also made several technical recommendations to the CEB so as to avoid such power failures in future. 

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