Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Veddah Chief wants Community’s recognition

The Chief of the Veddah Community in Sri Lanka Uruvarige Wannila-aththo says, it was regrettable that the indigenous people like his community do not get any recognition from whatever government is in power and such concepts need to change fast.

The Chieftain of the Veddah Community had made this remark to the Committee set up in Badulla which was seeking views from the public ahead of the formulation of a new Constitution.

The Veddah Chief noted that he had requested the government to try and help his people to protect its age-old traditions and customs through a letter.

He said Veddah people in 62 villages across six districts in the country were facing a grave situation and stressed on the importance of the government intervening to solve most of their burning issues.

The Veddah Chieftain stated that the traditions, the lifestyle of its people and items used by them for their daily chores as well as hunting should all be stipulated clearly when drawing up a new Constitution.

He also queried, through which ministry his community would be granted a sum of Rs 500 million which had been guaranteed to them by the previous Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.

The Veddah Chief also bemoaned the lack of a ministry to look into daily issues afflicting their community and urged the government to look into it as well.

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