Saturday, April 23, 2016

Risk of power outage in Colombo!

From AM
There is a risk of an power outage due to the prevailing condition of two power substations in the Colombo Fort area, internal sources from the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) says.
The reason is said to be complications rising after the underground cable 132KV / 11 KV running from the Kelanitissa power plant to substation F in the Fort area and the substation E in the Colpetty area, becoming inactive.
Three years earlier, the cable from the Kelanitissa power plant to substation F has become inactive and incorrect measures taken by the engineer tasked of repairing it had ended in the destruction of the cable while causing a loss running up to millions.
Despite this staggering loss, the engineer had been promoted to a unit in Colombo city, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns from internal sources of the CEB.

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