Friday, June 10, 2016

University of Sri Jayawardenapura - Dept of Food Science finds a solution to control your daily oil intake

Cholesterol among many other frustrating diseases happens to be a common problem that we all face despite one’s age; Rumesh Liyanage and team from the Department of Food Sciences of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at University of Sri Jayewardenepura have found a method to control the intake of oil during the daily consumption of deep fried foods thus providing us with a solution we all so desperately need!
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This all natural solution was featured on Silumina on the 5th June 2016 with a comprehensive description on how one could get it done even at home.
Method of preparation:
  • Rinse and mash the leaves of davul kurundhu and strain with water as deemed adequate.
  • Dip the food item that is to be fried in this water prepared by straining the leaves
  • Fry it as you would usually do
*Since the residue of the leaves will contain a green hue, if you believe that it will affect the color of your food item you can also steam it instead of dipping it directly in the dish containing the water prepared by straining the leaves.
Since it would be challenging to locate these leaves in urban areas, Rumesh and team have also proposed an alternative method of preparation which involves ladiesfingers/okra.
Alternative method of preparation:
  • Finely chop the ladiesfingers/okra and add it onto a dish
  • Add the food items that are to be fried into this dish and apply the slimy substance of the ladiesfinders/okra well on the surface of these food items.
  • Fry the food items as usual after the oil is well heated.
Rumesh and team hereby extended their sincere gratitude to Senior lecturer, S.B Nawarathne; for constantly guiding and motivating them throughout this journey of testing new waters. This indeed is marks history for the department of Food Sciences since it yet again proves its worth as Rumesh and team reaches this mile stone of their lives as true researchers whom we all can be proud of.

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